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Cinnamon Organic Incense Sticks

Cinnamon Organic Incense Sticks

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You will receive a box of 12 hand made 8 inch long incense sticks on a bed of cotton in a kraft jewelry box. The incense contains no additives. It's made only with plant material.

Ceylon Cinnamon, Traditional Japanese Makko, and Organic Guar Bean Gum.
Tired of being deceived by a beautiful box of incense only to find that it smells like perfume and synthetic chemicals? I am too. That's why I'm proud to offer you incense sticks made the way they've been crafted for centuries: with pure, natural ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals and additives.

Unlike the mass-produced sticks you'll find at most stores, my sticks are carefully handmade using only the finest plant materials from reputable suppliers. I grind these plants down into a fine powder and mix them with filtered water or tea to create a dough-like ball. Each stick is then pressurized through a hand cranked machine and cured over several days to ensure a perfect burn.

What sets my incense sticks apart is their natural scent. Unlike the synthetic perfumes used in many commercial incense products, my sticks are made with only the natural fragrance of the plant materials themselves. You'll enjoy a subtle and authentic scent that truly captures the essence of each plant.

My commitment to quality doesn't stop there. I pack my incense sticks in 92% post-consumer recycled unbleached kraft boxes, with a clear list of ingredients printed on the label. No hidden surprises or sketchy ingredients - just pure, natural incense that you can feel good about burning.

Don't settle for the mass-produced, industrial sticks that flood the market. Treat yourself to incense that's made with care and intention. Order now and experience the difference for yourself!


Here is an article about me on a German incense blog:
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