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Premium Super-Fine Red Cedar Powder (Juniperus Virginiana)

Premium Super-Fine Red Cedar Powder (Juniperus Virginiana)

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This is high-grade premium Red Cedar incense powder.  Unlike buying red cedar sawdust, this red cedar contains only heartwood, is ground using a low-temp ball mill to keep the fragrance intact, contains no impurities, and is ground down to under 100µm (microns) which makes it best for high quality incense, soap, and candle making.  The powder is packed into a kraft recycled paper resealable zip-locked bag.  You get 4oz (113g) which goes a long way with this light weight wood powder.

The trees are grown at a sustainable Eastern Redcedar (Juniperus Virginiana) farm in Texas.  I take the red cedar shavings and grind it using a ball mill grinder which keeps the material at room temperature.  Other red cedar powder comes in contact with a hot saw blade which can destroy volatile red cedar oils which are responsible for creating the red cedar fragrance.  Once the ball mill has finished, I then sieve the red cedar using an American made and certified 100µm Gilson sieve and shaker.  This is to make sure every particle is at an optimum size for incense making.  These are the same methods used in delicate pharmaceutical applications.

This results in a very fragrant and high quality super-fine red cedar powder that is great for incense, candles, soaps, and other fragrance applications.

The drawback here is that it takes hours to mill the red cedar into tiny particles.  However, it is absolutely worth the wait and the price!

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