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Pure Japanese Makko Powder

Pure Japanese Makko Powder

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The makko powder comes in a ziplock resealable bag which are 92% post consumer recycled dye and bleach free. This is 100% pure tabunoki / Machilus thunbergii. There is no scent added. This is the famous traditional powder with very low scent that acts as both a base and binder for making incense.

Makko powder or ta bu no ki (抹香) in Japan is simply put, incense powder. This powder acts as your base (helps maintain a burn) and binder (keeps your incense glued together) and is 100% natural. Most of it comes from a tree in Japan who's bark is famous for having these properties while at the same time having almost no scent. This is important if you want to create incense and you want to avoid having a base/binder that does not interfere with your creation.

I import this makko powder straight from Hino (日野町) Japan to the USA. This makko is premium quality and pure. I am told by the farmer that they grow and harvest this bark from the same trees for 25+ years in order to ensure quality but also, sustainability. No need to chop down the trees when you work with them to ensure their health!

I use this powder in many of my products and now I'm going to share it with you!

Feel free to reach out with questions or if you would like some useful recipes to use your makko powder with.

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